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The Ventura Project - Novopangaea - Album Review


The Ventura Project - Novopangaea - Album Review #Music

If you are a reader of Blazing Minds and follow us over the many Social Networks and even get updates via your RSS reader you will have heard me mention The Ventura Project before, most recently during the Wheatus gig at the Ucheldre Centre in Holyhead that we covered.

The Ventura Project - Novopangaea

So I was over the moon when I received a message from Joey Slater letting me know that their new album, Novopangaea, was due out…

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Rollin' (Limp Bizkit cover) (CLEAN)

Just rediscovered this rather old cover of the classic Limp Bizkit song Rollin’. I apparently have an explicit version and a clean version, complete with super-tasteful sound effects.

You’re welcome.

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New single! In a few days! That you can download! And listen to with your ears! It’s kinda rockin’!